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Wireless electronic circuit for PWB

Development concept

Current mainstream manufacturing process for high-frequency wireless electronic circuit includes arranging antennas, filters, and baluns on a ceramic board and ultimately integrating them onto a PWB.
YKC, on the other hand, proposes the formation of element functions of each part on a PWB right from the beginning (which means that this is not a PWB with integrated components), as opposed to the combination of parts and a PWB.
Fewer parts and fewer implementation steps would enable a faster and less expensive wireless electronic circuit for PWB.

Comparison with rival technologies in high frequency electronic circuits Performance (loss) Design performance / Integration performance Size Cost Manufacturing lead time
LTCC ceramic PWB
Distributed element model

High-permittivity 20 or up
Integrated component / Embedded PWB
Low loss materials

Distributed element model

High-permittivity 10 or up
Our survey data on GHz-band circuits
Past development achievements