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Copper paste Boardʣӣ٣á

It is possible to reduce the cost of the substrate than the silver paste.
Since compared with the silver paste there is no worry of migration,
It can be used for a wide range of applications.

It will not satisfy the criteria of reliability evaluation, which is determined by the implementation industry.

CEM-3 t=1.6mm0.5mm

item Property case
ʡThere is no standard values
High-temperature stress Before 15mΩ⇒After 28mΩ (87%) 100/2000hr
Low temperature stress Before 15mΩ⇒After 15mΩ ( 0%) -55/2000hr
PCT Before 15mΩ⇒After 18mΩ(20%) 121/98%RH/196kPa/16hr
Hot Oil stress Before 15mΩ⇒After 15mΩ(0%) 260/10sec/20/10sec×200cy
Thermal shock Before 15mΩ⇒After 20mΩ(33%) -65/30min125/30min×2000cy
Reflow heat test Before 15mΩ⇒After 16mΩ(7%) 250×cy
Bending test Before 15mΩ⇒After 16mΩ(7%) 5%wrap×100cy
Solder heat test Before 15mΩ⇒After 14mΩ(-7%) 260/5sec×6cy
Bias test P=1.45mm 2000hr9×1011Ωcm 60/90%RH/DC50V/2000hr
Tg 250 TMA
Moisture absorptivity 30% JEDEC L4
a1 29ppm(20) X-ray
Design criteria of copper paste through-hole
Design specification (MIN)
Drill diameter Pitch Land
Copper paste
Over coat
φ0.45 1.5mm 1.2mm 0.8mm 1.8mm 1.6mm

With regard to the design specification, let me arrangements separately.